Our marketing strategy has always been based on conveying the quality of our products, its advantages compared to our competitors and on being able to communicate that added value to the consumer. Advertising has become one of the main pillars in our company; our creativity, agility and innovations have been key in the development of GARCÍA-CARRIÓN.

The slogan “I’m going to eat with DON SIMON” is still remembered as one of the most notorious and impressive advertising campaigns. It converted DON SIMON in a wine leader in just two years.

On the other hand, the quality of the DON SIMON sangria allowed it to dominate this market segment and be able to advertise regularly on television nationwide. This has led to iconic advertisements such as that of sangria, with its characteristic jingle, or that of Tinto de Verano.

Today, advertising still plays an important role with regular advertisements in the media for fruit juice, gazpacho, broths or even DON SIMON lemonade.